Gianna Family Care (a Kansas City affiliate of the National Gianna Center)

Mission of Gianna Family Care:

To provide quality, compassionate care to families, including obstetrical, gynecological, and reproductive care, that upholds the integrity of the patient-physician relationship and maintains the dignity of each individual and his or her relationship with God, Church, spouse, and family.

Quality care:  Dr. Terese Bauer, MD, and Dr. Angelique' Pritchett, MD are both board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and have over 25 years of combined experience in delivering family medical care.

Compassionate care:  Both Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett care about each of their patients and believe in spending the appropriate amount of time with them, listening to and addressing their concerns and offering healing of mind, body, and soul. 

Obstetrical care: Dr. Angelique' Pritchett, MD provides obstetrical care, including prenatal care, deliveries, and postpartum care.  She uses NaPro (Natural Procreative) Technology to manage patients who have progesterone deficiency or who are, otherwise, at risk for miscarriage and preterm labor.  Dr Pritchett has privileges at Olathe Medical Center, where she admits patients and performs her deliveries.

Gynecological and Reproductive Care:  Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett provide routine gynecological maintenance, including well woman exams, clinical breast exams, and pap smears, and manage female concerns.  Dr. Pritchett is a natural family planning medical consultant and a NaPro (Natural Procreative) Technology provider, which means she has special training to understand natural family planning methods used to avoid or achieve pregnancies and has had special training to identify and manage gynecological diseases, including infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, recurring ovarian cysts, PMS, menstrual migraines, etc. by using medications and procedures that cooperate with a woman's own cycle. Dr. Bauer is a Medical Consultant with NaPro Technology

Upholds the Patient-Physician Relationship:  With each change in health care delivery, it seems the integrity of the patient-physician relationship is gradually being dissolved.  Physicians are being told how much time to spend with each patient, which medications he/she can and cannot prescribe, which diagnostic tests should or shouldn't be ordered, and even which questions must be asked and documented during certain types of visits.  Patients are being asked to give up physicians with whom they have had a long term relationship in order to see an "in-network" provider.  Many of their concerns are being disregarded, as the average physician-patient encounter is 7 minutes, leaving little time to adequately address complicated or multiple concerns.  At Gianna Family Care, our arrangement is directly between our practice and the patient, not with a complicated administrative bureaucracy and not with insurance providers.  We have made a decision to not contract with any insurance providers so we can restore the patient-physician relationship.  At Gianna Family Care, patients have the choice to pay an annual membership fee to cover their preventive care for a whole year or to pay for each visit individually.  Patients will be billed directly, giving them more flexibility and autonomy with their own health care.  Patients will be able to decide how often they wish to see their physician, how long they would like their visits to be, and which concerns they would like to discuss.  Once patients pay the practice for the health care that was delivered, they will be given a receipt that they can then submit to their insurance companies for potential reimbursement.

Maintains the Dignity of Each Individual: Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett respect each individual patient, seeing him or her as a brother or sister in Christ and offering treatments that not only address physical healing, but also psychological and spiritual healing. 

Maintains the Dignity of relationship with God:  Recognizing that spiritual health is critical to physical and psychological healing and also recognizing that our life and health here on earth are fleeting, Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett encourage patients to grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father, anticipating in hope for eternal life and health in His presence.

Maintains the Dignity of relationship with Church:  While patients of all spiritual or religious beliefs are welcome and invited to join Gianna Family Care, Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett will offer treatments that follow Catholic teaching.  They will deliver authentically Catholic medical care to patients at any stage of life, from the preborn to the end of life.  For Catholic and non-Catholic patients alike, treatments that are offered will be respectful of church teaching or one's own spiritual convictions. 

Maintains the Dignity of relationships between spouses: Both Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett value the importance of marital love and will offer recommendations that will honor, encourage, and support that relationship between husbands and wives.  When treating infertility, the treatment recommended will in no way subtract from the loving and life giving marital act that God has gifted to married couples.  It will only work cooperatively with it, acknowledging its sacredness.  Neither Dr. Bauer nor Dr. Pritchett recommend treatments that separate the love-giving (unitive) aspect of the marital act from the life-giving (procreative) aspect, as they feel this would detract from the true gift God has meant the marital act to be and place strain on the marital relationship. For these reasons, Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett do not recommend artificial reproductive techniques or contraceptive methods.  Dr. Bauer and Dr. Pritchett also respect patients who are still discerning their vocation or who have been blessed with a vocation in the religious life or single life.

Maintains the Dignity of relationships in family: Gianna Family Care is a family medical practice.  We invite families to join us to receive quality and compassionate care.  Providing care to families enables us to offer better care, as we get to know the relationships and dynamics in each family.  While being able to see grandparents, husbands, wives, children of the same family improves the care we are able to provide, we pledge to maintain privacy between each member so each member feels free to discuss concerns openly.  

Gianna Family Care