Gianna Family Care (a Kansas City affiliate of the National Gianna Center)



All Membership Fees include direct access to Dr. Angelique Pritchett and Dr. Terese Bauer via appointment, phone, text, and e-mail.

Basic Adult Family Medicine 
Includes all preventive visits and sick visits

Chronic Illness Family Medicine 
Includes all preventive visits, sick visits, and management of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, autoimmune disorders, and mental health

Child Family Medicine
Includes all well child visits and sick visits for children infants to age 20.  Excludes vaccines.

Fertility Care/Obstetrical Medicine  
Includes all NaPro (natural procreative/natural family planning) and/or obstetrical services including treatment for infertility, gynecological disorders, hormonal imbalances, thyroid replacement, prenatal care, postpartum care.  Excludes delivery.


  • Pay membership fees for one year and receive one free month of care! (pay 11 months for 1 year)
  • Family Membership Discount: Buy one child membership and receive one child membership limit!



  • Non-member Fee: $120 per 15 minutes  
  • All ancillary services (labs, x-rays, medications, vaccines, hospital stays, consultants, etc.) will bill patients' insurances directly, so the above fees include only Dr. Bauer's and Dr. Pritchett's fees. 
  • Look for in the future: low cost options to pay for medications, vaccines, labs, and imaging without billing insurance
  • Newborn inpatient doctor fees: $300
  • Circumcision: $200
  • Obstetrical Delivery $1500
  • Please request information about home visits if interested