Gianna Family Care (a Kansas City affiliate of the National Gianna Center)


Truly Affordable Health Care
While the average family pays $20,000 per year in health insurance premiums, you could lower your total health care costs by choosing a health insurance plan with lower premiums and a higher deductible.  The money you save could then be used to pay for an annual membership at Gianna Family Care with additional money to spare.

Quality Health Care
Don't trade quality health care for affordable health care.  You can have BOTH. Since appointment times are based on actual need, physicians have more time to address your concerns and coordinate even complex medical care.  When insurance companies are billed for services, physicians may not be reimbursed any more for a 30 minute appointment than for a 5 minute appointment.  This makes it difficult for even the best physicians to spend the time they need to establish a relationship with their patients and to deliver the quality of care the patients deserve.  Direct Primary Care eliminates these pressures, offering both affordable AND quality health care.

Direct Access
Direct Primary Care means direct access to your physician with appointments, phone calls, e-mail, and text messaging, even after hours.

Direct Pay
Direct Primary Care means direct billing to patients, instead of to insurance companies.  You are then free to submit your receipt to your insurance company for any potential reimbursement.

Total Transparency
Know what you are paying and for what services you are paying up front.  Oftentimes, with billing to insurance companies, you don't know what services are covered and how much your co-pay will be until after the service has been performed and when you are stuck with the bill.  With Direct Primary Care, you will know exactly how much your bill for an annual membership or for a separate visit will be before you schedule an appointment.

Direct Primary Care offers the flexibility for the physician to spend more than the average 7 minutes with each patient.  You can make appointments for the amount of time YOU choose without being limited by reimbursement from insurance companies or by administrative demands.